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Monday, September 9, 2013

Mommy and the Half Truths

So my little girl is almost three... I really wanted to take pictures of her in front of a special quilt passed down from my Nana, but she really wasn't in the mood to take pictures. She would rather read Olivia (above) or hide behind her bed (below).

In order to get the one good picture of her with her babies I had to hold the camera in my lap and snap a photo in secret while I read her a Santa Claus story. Just one of the many tricks I use while parenting.

For example, I have told Calvin not to answer the door while I take showers because it might be a monster.

He was so excited to turn 5 that when he started to act up, I told him I would use my super mom powers and stop time. He would not turn 5 if the behavior continued.

"Mommy, how does Space Mountain work?" My husband was stumped. Does he tell him the mechanics of it and ruin the magical illusion? Nah, just ask me. My answer? Mickey Mouse uses his magic. Done. Everyone is happy.

Also, little boys and girls only get balloons at Disneyland if it is your birthday. So let's be happy for them!

You know, half truths.

And the fun is just beginning, because Clara is talking in sentences and really understanding things. So inevitably the mommy tricks will continue. I will have to write them down to help all you other moms out. And I hope you are doing the same for the rest of us ;)

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