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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Let's Get Digital

Sooooo, after being urged by a family member and also a friend, I have decided to sink my toes into creating digital clip art.

Here is my first set:

And I am giving you a freebie! This is a PNG image of a teal butterfly resting on a pink flower. If you click on it you can save it. It is in 300 dpi, so it is a nice quality. You may use this for personal use only. Understandably, you are not allowed to resale this image or use it to make product to sell.

This set is super cute and girly. It has pink, mint, teal, and green going on. Here is the rest of it in the shop.   

Meanwhile I have been busy planning a top secret, super exciting project. I can't wait to tell everyone about it! And after that I have two more special projects to work on. This girl is so happy to be busy!

Here is a little saying I made using the clip art: Be Grateful. I think we need to be saying thank you for our blessings all the time.

On the home front Calvin started kindergarten. He LOVES it. He just adores his teacher and is excited every morning to go to school.

Here he is on his first day with Dusty the airplane backpack, Kermit the Frog lunchbox, and a huge smile :) Oh, and Velcro shoes because Kindergarten teachers spend a third of their day tying shoelaces.

When I get the chance to edit a few more pictures I am going to have to do a post about our summer vacation. We took a family road trip (2 grown ups, a 5 year old and 2 year old!) from SoCal up to Oregon within one week. Yikes! It was fun, but there are some stories to be told!! This picture above is from Solvang, California. It was the cutest little town EVER. I wish we could move there. It is enchanting.

I hope everyone is adjusting to Summer being over. I have a feeling Fall is going to go by too fast and before you know it Christmas will be here!!


  1. my little guy started kindergarden also. He doesnt love his new schedule as well as hanging out with mom! i sent a request on your etsy site hope to hear from you soon. I LOVE BUTTERFLIES

    1. Thanks, Chrissi! I love that we will be working together :) Awww, that's so sweet that your little man would rather be with you! Calvin doesn't even look back at me as he runs for the doors :/