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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

DIY Overhead Phone Mount

I had a huge dilemma.

I am starting a new and exciting project where having an overhead mount is essential. BUT my best option for making a video is my cell phone! I love how awesome cell phones are nowadays. My nice camera is old, so the video abilities of it are of a different era.

But how to mount my phone ABOVE my workspace for my video? I saw one where they attached it to a bendable lamp, but of course the two I have were too short. So what's a girl to do?

Um, take your DIY light saber from Pinterest (a pool noodle cut in half with duct tape and electrical tape on it) and attach it to your camera tripod with rubber bands and string. VOILA!!!!

Yes, I have my phone attached to the top part with rubberbands.

I apologize for how excited I am about this, but I solved my problem all by myself! I hope it helps other people, especially for people who want to make instructional YouTube videos or online class videos.

  1. Camera tripod (or you can get creative like me and find something around the house that will suffice)
  2. 4 rubberbands
  3. Half a Pool Noodle from the Dollar Tree
  4. 1 piece of string
  5. Your phone

  1. Put the phone on the end of the noodle with rubberbands
  2. Fiddle with the amount of noodle that needs to be attached to something solid till you get the phone to lay horizontally
  3. Tie down the noodle with string and/or rubberbands

P.S. To use the tripod for my phone when I wanted to film myself, I mounted it to the place you normally put the camera and just used the rubberbands to strap it down.

When my husband came home that night I showed him this post. He laughed at my creativity and then said, "Why didn't you just use my mic stand in the garage?"


I scavenged the whole house for this solution and it was sitting the garage the whole time!! Well, if your husband isn't a musician with a microphone stand that you can loop some rubber bands onto, then try my pool noodle/tripod approach ;) But I must say, I love using the mic stand because I can easily adjust it to different heights.


  1. We LOVE pool noodles and use them for anything imaginable. In fact, we keep several of different sizes around all the time. This is a great application. Thanks for the ideas! PS...glad you provided pictures...LOL

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! How funny and genius that you have them hanging around for future use! Love it! I am so happy that I can send out an idea that might be helpful ;)

  2. OMG! So amazing, I was looking for Manfrotto articulating arms and things, and now your husband's mic stand idea is going to save me so much time and expense!

  3. was at an offsite for work in another city, didn't have any mic stands :) this did the trick in a pinch!