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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Christmas in July Sale on Etsy 2013

Christmas in July?!

What is this blasphemy you say?

Well, it's not as bad as you think it is. It's not trying to get you to start stocking up on ornaments and garlands. It is a time for Etsy shops to clear out inventory so they can add new items for the Fall season. Also, it's a great time to get fabulous discounts and deals.

To see what stores are participating, type in CIJ or christmasinjuly into the Etsy search.

Lady Poppins is also participating at

A coupon for 30% off your entire purchase (you may purchase as many items or as many times as you please) from July 11th till July 21st, 2013.

Just use the coupon code CIJ30 at checkout.

Perhaps it's time to treat yourself to some watercolor originals or prints :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Target is Getting Rid of Summer, but I'm Not!

I went to Target today and their Summer stuff was already marked down 50%.


Where I live it is 100 degrees and will remain blasting hot until October. Technically, we should have Summer supplies available all year long in my little SoCal city.

I am praying for the little boy lost in Menifee. Our whole community is helping in big and small ways to find him.

I was feeling beachy last night and decided to paint some tropical foliage.

Tropical Flowers
©Heatherlee Chan, Lady Poppins

It's a smattering of Heliconia, Flamingo Flower (Anthurium), Cala Lily, Torch Ginger, and Monstera Leaf. (I had to look up their names).

Keep cool, friends!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Butterfly Silhouette with Tropical Flowers Painting

Here is my newest canvas painting!
Butterfly Silhouette with Tropical Flowers
16"x20" on a gallery canvas with acrylic paints. 
©Heatherlee Chan, Lady Poppins
I can't help but love it.
A butterfly? Check.
Pink? Check.
Flowers? Check.
Modern? Check.
Something my husband would not be happy if I hung up in the living room? Check.
The last ten years I have been doing paintings as gifts, so the main goal was to make someone else happy. If I wasn't doing that, I was trying to paint something for our home that was something my love and I agreed on. But now? I just LOVE painting things that I get excited about! I'm sure if I weren't married with three kids I would have the girliest house. 
What things would you paint or create if the main goal was just to make YOU happy?

I have the original and prints available in the shop.