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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vintage Style Airplane Painting for a Baby Boy Nursery

My friend Aaron is the sweetest and girliest girl I know.

She is in love with pink, vintage, and feminine things. What do you know she is expecting a baby and found out it is a....BOY! Oh, the irony! I can completely relate though, because I am girly and all I wanted was a girl the first time I got pregnant. Then came the ultrasound where we found out Calvin was a boy...and I cried. The ultrasound technician probably thought they were tears of joy, but I'll be honest--I was disappointed. My husband knew immediately and tried to cheer me up in the hospital parking lot.

I was hopeful that perhaps the ultrasound was wrong, so I tried to keep the tags on most of the baby clothes till after the baby was born. And then Calvin was born.

And he stole my heart.

No girl could ever take his place. As much as I dreamed of having a girl, he was perfect and irreplaceable.

I have a feeling it will be the same way for my friend. I know her style pretty well because she has the most fabulous instagram feed and a beautiful blog. AMAZING. This girl has style and an eye for beautiful things. She travels all over the world because her and her boyfriend work in the aviation industry and also fly planes. She takes pictures of pretty things in foreign places and even brings some home. I am going to do another post in the near future with pictures of her home and collection. Your jaw will drop. I promise.

So I knew she was decorating the nursery with airplanes and her style is this is what I came up with! It is a large square canvas and it was painted with acrylics.

First I painted the background a muted tan color and then I went over it with a dry brush in blue for the sky. For the clouds I kept on layering the white until I came up with a consistency I was happy with.

I love how acrylics dry really fast. I was able to do some last minute touch ups before I even got in the car to go to the shower and I didn't have to worry about paint getting all over my car.

I just ordered a test print so it will be available in my shop soon. These are the pictures I will include with my listing:

Monday, August 26, 2013

An artsy survey for you...

Soooooooooooo, I have a problem.

I have A.A.D.D.

Artist Attention Deficit Disorder.

But to be fair, I think most artistic people tend to be this way. We can't help it--the ideas just come from tons of different places and we get excited so we will stop in the middle of one project and start another.

So here's the problem (and I don't even know if this really is a problem): I'm not sure which style of art I should be focusing on.

I have acrylic and oil landscapes, canvas children paintings, and feminine watercolors (and lots of prints) stocked up in the shop. The watercolors seem to get the most attention, but then I was wondering if maybe it was because I didn't have more in the other categories.

So would you mind hitting a button for me for a second, pretty please with a cherry on top? I am just really curious and would love some input! From friends and from people just stopping by--it would be greatly appreciated :)

Just click on this link and it will send you to a new page really quick. I already tried it out and it is easy as pie. Thanks!

Monday, August 12, 2013

A Realization

A close up of my newest watercolor, already sold to an old friend, but prints will be made :)

Trying out my mom's set of Derwent Aquatone Watercolor Woodless Pencils. They are awesome!! I want some now!

I love to read blogs. Most of all, I love ones that are creative and personal.

Once upon a time I started a family blog. I had just gotten married and we were expecting our first baby within our first year of being married and I wanted to document it. It was fun to write and it was personal.

But then I stopped...

It made sense at the time. I began to question whether or not I really wanted my life to be exposed to people I didn't know (and even to one I did know!). I wondered if it was narcissistic. Was it even safe?

So I moved my blog to another site, made it unsearchable, and then wrote a few more posts and I was done. And now I am sad I did that! I have such wonderful documentation of our sweet little family life for my stepson and little boy, but my baby girl has a big chunk of documentation missing! All I have are a few random Facebook posts, but no other effort was put in. I never thought I would slack that much on a second child, but I am guilty. The poor kid doesn't even have a first year scrapbook (Calvin has two :/ ).

I tried to keep my arts and crafts separate from my personal life, but alas, I have found them intertwined. The proof lies in this blog! I hardly post, because what else is there to say except, "Look at what I made?" There are stories behind everything and I have omitted them to be safe.

And now I feel like my blog is lacking heart.

I want to change that! I want a space to show that I am a real person and to be honest.

So I hope you don't mind...because I really want to try this out. I don't know who is listening (or if any one is for that matter!) but I'm going to start putting more heart into my blog :)