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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Heigh Ho!

I am painting up a storm!

I am so happy....but my house is suffering.

I have been able to make the house look fine from first glance, but if you open my desk, Clara's door, or goodness forbid the garage door, you will discover what messes I am hiding!

I am currently working on top secret commission projects (Mother's Day, wedding season) and I won't be able to post until the recipients have them.

Meanwhile I have been getting custom print orders from my etsy shop.

Here are some of the prints I had made:

Monday, April 8, 2013

Red, Pink, Purple, and Gray Flower Watercolor Painting

I wanted to paint a really light and pink watercolor, but as it usually turns out, I couldn't avoid color.
I love paintings that are neutral and use minimal color, but when it comes to creating them, I just can't do it!
BUT, this Volland and Art Deco inspired flower watercolor isn't too bad done up in red and purples.
Reminds me years ago when you used to see those sweet gals from the Red Hat Society.
I thought that was so cool. But in my club, we will wear big hats and turquoise!
I can make print requests if needed.


Friday, April 5, 2013

Vintage Blue Dress Painting

This is painting No. 2 in my Vintage Dress Series.

My blog post about No. 1 is here.

I kept it light and dreamy, just like with the white dress. It was so much fun to paint and play with colors that would compliment (i.e., purple, green, yellow). This dress I centered and created a swirl of colors around it.

 I was inspired by a mid 1800s dress, but I ended up changing it up a little bit.

You can find the original and prints in my shop.

Vintage Blue Dress. 11″ x 14″, Acrylic on Canvas. © Heatherlee Chan 2013