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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Happy Mermaid

I am taking Monica Lee's Smart Creative Style class and I am just getting blown away. In the course you really discover WHO you are and WHAT you like. As an artist, I love everything! I have enthusiasm for every style of painting and every subject.

Anyway, so I used to think I liked to paint pretty things.

But now I know it is so much more than that.

I want to paint romance, tenderness, bliss, and gratitude.

...but how do you do that?

I am in between a lot of commission projects right now. Totally awesome; no complaints here! But I had to take a moment and just flow with some good ole' inspiration.

I knew I wanted a mermaid. But as I looked at all of the beautiful illustrations of mermaids I felt so sad. All of the girls want to be human. They long for feet and dancing. But don't they realize that there are girls with feet that daydream of having fins? Why weren't there any mermaids that we HAPPY to be where they were. And then I knew: my mermaid had to be delighted with exactly where she was.

And when I think deeper about it, don't we all? There is so much to be sad about and yearn for, but what God has blessed us with in this very moment is something to be thankful for.

© Heatherlee Chan 2014
Isn't she just too cute? This is how I would be if I were a mermaid for a day! I would delight in the present!
It is so easy to be annoyed or displeased with your current place in life. My six year old son broke his leg on January 2nd and is STILL in a cast. For a couple weeks I was pretty bitter about it. It has not been easy. But there were lots of things to be thankful for. He could have gotten hurt much worse, he could be in cast longer, and so on.
So instead of being like these gorgeous and sad mermaids, just be gorgeous and happy!


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