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Monday, June 10, 2013

Packaging for Watercolors and Prints

So I have been playing around the last few months and how to package my watercolors and art prints.

Here are the basics:

1. I place the print or paper into a sealable cello bag. I am so paranoid about the art getting caught in rain and ruining the picture.

2. Use washi tape to adhere a flower, thank you note, and my mini moo business card.

3. Insert into the mailing envelope (that I of course had to fancy up with some scrapbook paper and note cards) with a stiff board or cardboard.

4. Ship it off to its new home!

This painting is one I just sent off today. It is the girliest collection of rings! I love to paint things that are ultra feminine and this fit the bill. Perhaps I will have to make a print of it the next time I get to ordering.

I hope that helped anyone else trying to decide on how to package their art for the mail!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness. This is such a gorgeous way to package! I may have to order something from you :)

    p.s. washi tape is the best!