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Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Little Boy's Room

If you'd like to know what a 5 year old's room looks like pre-Kindergarten, this is the place to be.

I have sheltered my sweet little boy and tried my hardest to keep grown up boy stuff far, far away.

It wasn't until he turned 5 in January that he started to ask for toys other than Thomas the Train, Lightening McQueen, or Wall-E.

He asked for Star Wars and Angry Birds.

So Star Wars and Angry Birds are what the grandparents gave him. Inside the boxes are his toys, and his room has yet to be updated. He has asked me numerous times to make him a space painting and a Laser Boy portrait (a character he made up himself; it is him geared with a light saber, cape, and mask).

My favorite part of his room: his turquoise dresser (that I found on the curb with a FREE sign. I just spray painted it turquoise and it is one of my favorite furniture pieces in our house), books, painting, and globe.

 This room is supposed to be an office, so it has French doors, high ceilings, and no closet. The no closet issue we can deal with because he is a boy and doesn't have too many items that need to be hung up.

He has the cutest window seat. I took padding and cut it to fit and threw a full sized quilt folded in half on top. Sometimes he likes to sleep there instead of his bed. What's really cute about it is that sometimes Clara will come in here and they will have sleepovers.

Above his window seat there is a dragon and the DIY solar system mobile I made.

And on the left he asked if he could have his watercolor painting framed.

Above his bed is a priceless painting my mom made of him. "It's a good day" is something he always says. She is such a talented artist! If you want to see more of her work you can check out her blog.

Here are two Target bookcases filled with books, boxes, and toys. The bottom two blue boxes contain all of the Thomas the Train sets that I can't bear to donate. Thankfully Clara loves them, so Calvin and Clara will play together. The little nook at the right is where a closet should go if we ever decide to build one.

On top of the bookcases I have his bigger toys. The ceiling is really high. If my husband ever got in the mood to build some shelves there would be some awesome storage space here. My friend has the same house and they actually use this room as an office and playroom and their shelving is IMPRESSIVE. I am jealous. One of the perks of living in a tract home is seeing how your neighbors and friends decorate their house when it is the same floor plan. Isn't it amazing to see all the different things you can do?

On the side of his bookcase I let him tape up odds and ends. To hang his little painting of my mom's bird Cocoa in the desert we used one of those mounting tape hooks. You can buy a pack of them at the Dollar Tree.

 Here you can see that nook that could be a closet. That's where I have stuff tucked away. The painting of the boy and the moon I have as a print in my etsy shop. On the right is his calendar and alphabet chart and above is another awesome painting done by my mom of Thomas the Train and Lightening McQueen.

And that concludes the (clean) room tour of a 5 year old boy. Give it a year and I'm sure it is going to look a lot different!

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