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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Laziest Nightstand Makeover

Garage Sale

Baby Clara
Old lady

(On my way to my mom's, I see a garage sale sign. Follow arrow. Stop at sale. Decide if it's worth taking the baby out of the carseat. Decision: go for it!)

Me: This is nice (looking at nightstand or whatever it is supposed to be)
Old Lady: Yes, it is. I think she wants ten dollars.
Me: Hmmmm.
        Okay, I want it.

Decisions, decisions.

What color should I paint it? I intend for it to be baby Clara's, and after finding knobs at Ross on clearance, I was thinking green. BUT I only want to spray paint because I am ridiculously lazy. None of the colors worked, so I bought two cans of Valspar White gloss spray paint but only used maybe one and a half at the most.

I modge podged K & Comapny scrapbook papers on the inside and then on the back where I didn't want to waste paint.


She isn't perfect, because once again I am too lazy to sand or prime. Yup, let's call it shabby chic with out the work.
Tools: spray paint, screwdriver, modge podge, scrapbook paper

The back of it. I modge podged scrapbook paper because I didn't want to waste my paint.
The inside is so cute! I can just imagine my little girl using it as a doll house if she wanted to.

Pretty green knobs from Ross


  1. super cute! i love that paper! and love your humorous play by play. :)

  2. Thank you!! Thanks for having my link up. I LOVE your blog. I pretty much check it every day :)

  3. Your "lazy" makeover looks gorgeous! I love the fun details and colors.