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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Take a leap, a hop, or even a smidgen of a step forward...

For years I have just dreamed and wished that in some fantasy land I could be paid for my artwork.

I never valued my work as being worthy of pay. My friends and family told me it was. Strangers even said so.

But I didn't believe them.

They were just being nice or they feel like they have to say that because they love me.

But then I grew frustrated. Here I am, a mom. I graduated from college at 21, a month later was married, and at 22 I became a mom. I love my little boy and pint sized girl. But sometimes a mommy has gotta get away from the house! I substitute teach one to three days a week. I love getting out and being a teacher, a professional. For 7 hours I am not Mommy, not in charge of dishes or wiping a butt. But as much as I love teaching, it still was missing something.

And then I realized I really wanted to be an artist. So I secretly dreamed about it and plotted what I would do with an Etsy store. Every time a friend said, "You should sell your work," it was an extra push. And then I Print From Home had a Valentine's giveaway for $50...and I won it! So I ordered some prints of my works...and posted them on Etsy.

And that was the beginning.

The wonderful beginning! It has only been 8 months since I first started selling things in my shop (I decided to save the name "Lady Poppins" in January of 2011, but didn't post anything for TWO YEARS), but within that small amount of time amazing things have started to  happen. And now I really understand that God helps those who help themselves...because it was up to ME to take that leap. There were wonderful nudges and messages that were sent to me constantly, but I just said "Thank you" and simply forgot. God was telling me I could have my dream, but I had to believe in myself and do some dirty work.

I have been blessed. I have had unending support from my husband, mom, family, many friends, and customers. And of course, the ever constant love and support from my Heavenly Father.

I am excited for what is to come, because I am going to work at it. Sometimes custom orders and requests are scary and intimidating because I have never done it before, but I know I can do it! I'm experimenting right now. A watercolor here, a canvas painting there, a blog header, digital designs, and special projects there.

I don't know where I am going to end up, but I'm just going to go along for the ride. Because this is fun, exciting, scary, and wonderful! I love to think that something I've made can make another person happy or help them.

And maybe, just maybe, this will inspire you to make that tiny leap. No matter how small, it's one step forward. And with God on our side, anything is possible.

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