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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bringing out the Halloween Decor

Halloween Clip art available in the Lady Poppins shop

The Jack O' Lantern pumpkins would look so cute printed out and framed for Holiday décor!

My son cried alone in his room yesterday.

Because Daddy was making him wait til Thursday (today) to put up Halloween Decorations.

Hard life, I know.

It's cute how much he likes Halloween, because his Daddy is a big fan of it as well. Matt would tell me all about how when he was a kid his buddies came over and they built a fantastic haunted house for the trick-or-treaters to go through. The last couple of years we have been throwing a grown up Halloween Party and his enthusiasm is adorable. Sadly this year we will be taking a break. It doesn't help that TWO of the kids birthdays sandwich the Saturday we would normally do it.

The first year he was Mugatu from Zoolander:

Last year was the best--Walt White from Breaking Bad:

Awesome, right?! And my costumes have been boring but pretty...such as this one, a fairy:

Our friends Ben and Mandie came as....Matt and me! LOL! We love them :)

Are you big on Halloween at your house?

Halloween would be forgotten if it weren't for my husband and kids. Christmas is my favorite!!

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