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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's almost a month after Valentine's, but I wanted to share the cute decorations and crafts we did for Valentine's.

My husband had to work, so I made sure the kids and I had fun doing mushy-gushy Valentine stuff.

Mainly we just dressed up, did a Valentine treasure hunt, made hats, baked a cake, took pictures, and danced to music. When my husband came home he brought me beautiful roses and chocolate covered strawberries. Yum!

Here is our Valentine photo backdrop:


1. First off, I reused the kraft paper photo backdrop I made for the Glitter Party.
2. Then I strung some red and pink balloons with sewing thread and taped them to the ceiling.
3. I had vertical hanging paper heart garlands I made for last year, so those went up.
4. Next, I made a garland using medium sized pink heart doilies and book pages.
5. Lastly, I made a garland alternating large red heart doilies and the medium pink heart doilies.

Ta da!

I hung the paper backdrop behind my kitchen table because that's where I get the best light for photographing during the day. I just moved the dining set and threw Calvin's red rug down before we took pictures.

Next up, a Valentine Hat.

Just a strip of sturdy paper to staple the width of their head. I let them glue sequins on a heart, glued that to cut out book page, and layered it on top of a heart doily.

We had our own little dance party.
And then I attempted to get some cute pictures.

I loved how Calvin was holding the heart high up and Clara was blowing kisses...
and then Calvin's heart broke.

Then we ate some cake. I made it from a boxed cake mix and then frosted it with my favorite frosting. You mix a cup of milk with a small package of instant pudding (whatever flavor you wish) and mix. Then fold in a bucket of cool whip and when it is all mixed you can frost the cake. For our Valentine cake I did white cake mix and banana flavored pudding. My stepson said it tasted like Laffy Taffy. It was delicious.

I took old Valentine sticks from past V-day bouquets and glued them on to popsicle sticks. Then sprinkled some sprinkles.

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope there were as many sequins on your floor as there were on mine!

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