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Friday, March 29, 2013

"It's a Good Day!" Typewriter Watercolor

Yesterday I was thumbing through my watercolor file (full of finished and unfinished works) and found a typewriter.

It was so cute but it needed something...

I am really inspired by art deco illustrations. In my mind a light bulb went off and I knew it needed flowers!

Then I was trying to figure out what to write on the paper, and then I heard Calvin ask if it was a good day.

When he was little and throwing tantrums I told him it was up to him to decide what kind of a day he wanted to have.

He could have a good day or a bad day.

He always chooses "good" but he hasn't stopped asking almost EVERY day, "Is it a good day?"

And I will say, "Yes, it's a good day."

I plan on making prints and putting them up in the shop!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Art Print Giveaway

I just got some prints back and I thought it might be fun to do a giveaway!

They are all 8x10 except for the flowers in the vase, which is an 8x8.

Just go to the Lady Poppins FB page and tell me which one is your favorite and I will pick a random winner to send a print to.

Here are the prints:

Brittany was the winner! She chose the Little Boy and His Sailboat painting :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Lady Poppins is Broadening her Horizons

Okay, I took the plunge.

I created a Lady Poppins Facebook page.

So what? Big deal.

Um, for me, it's a big deal.

I love to paint. I love to craft. It's just what I do. Promoting my work feels embarrassing, as if I am showing off.

But then I realized that if I could do anything in the world it would be to create. I admire all of these people that are taking chances and putting themselves out there on blogs and whatnot.

Maybe I could do that too.

If you like me here, would you mind liking me on Facebook? I plan on doing give-aways and fun things in the near future and I would love it for you to join me.

Lady Poppins on Facebook:


Lady Poppins Art on Etsy:



Lady Poppins Pinterest:

On a side note, I get a kick out of reading my horoscope. Some days it is so on and others it is so off. But the day I decided to take a leap, this is what it said:

I'm ready!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Vintage Dress Painting

I was itching to create something beautiful, feminine, and experimental.

I sat down and created this beauty:

I am in love.
It is 11x14" and on a stretched gallery stapled canvas done with acrylics.
You can buy it here.

I think I am going to create a whole series that has a similar feel to it.

Start looking forward to some vintage, abstract, shabby chic, romantic inspired paintings!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's almost a month after Valentine's, but I wanted to share the cute decorations and crafts we did for Valentine's.

My husband had to work, so I made sure the kids and I had fun doing mushy-gushy Valentine stuff.

Mainly we just dressed up, did a Valentine treasure hunt, made hats, baked a cake, took pictures, and danced to music. When my husband came home he brought me beautiful roses and chocolate covered strawberries. Yum!

Here is our Valentine photo backdrop:


1. First off, I reused the kraft paper photo backdrop I made for the Glitter Party.
2. Then I strung some red and pink balloons with sewing thread and taped them to the ceiling.
3. I had vertical hanging paper heart garlands I made for last year, so those went up.
4. Next, I made a garland using medium sized pink heart doilies and book pages.
5. Lastly, I made a garland alternating large red heart doilies and the medium pink heart doilies.

Ta da!

I hung the paper backdrop behind my kitchen table because that's where I get the best light for photographing during the day. I just moved the dining set and threw Calvin's red rug down before we took pictures.

Next up, a Valentine Hat.

Just a strip of sturdy paper to staple the width of their head. I let them glue sequins on a heart, glued that to cut out book page, and layered it on top of a heart doily.

We had our own little dance party.
And then I attempted to get some cute pictures.

I loved how Calvin was holding the heart high up and Clara was blowing kisses...
and then Calvin's heart broke.

Then we ate some cake. I made it from a boxed cake mix and then frosted it with my favorite frosting. You mix a cup of milk with a small package of instant pudding (whatever flavor you wish) and mix. Then fold in a bucket of cool whip and when it is all mixed you can frost the cake. For our Valentine cake I did white cake mix and banana flavored pudding. My stepson said it tasted like Laffy Taffy. It was delicious.

I took old Valentine sticks from past V-day bouquets and glued them on to popsicle sticks. Then sprinkled some sprinkles.

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope there were as many sequins on your floor as there were on mine!