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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Umbrella Collection Painting

This painting was made to go with a painting of Spring coats I would love to own...or that I would imagine Zooey Deschanel would wear in New Girl or that Doris Day would sport in her movies.

I just sold it, so I am thinking of getting prints. I am still new to this, so I am learning. But the umbrellas are still available :)

Here are the umbrellas:

And then here are the Zooey coats, or as I would like to call them---the Doris Day coats. 

Pastel Cameo Collection Painting

I just added this watercolor to my Etsy shop

It was fun to paint a collection of cameos that I would love to own! 

We Love Lady (and the Tramp)

My daughter is in love with her little Lady.

She has two requirements when we leave the house or go to sleep: her Lady and blanket.

I found Lady at....a garage sale. She was 50 cents and brand new.

Clara fell in love with her immediately and thus watched Lady and the Tramp too many times to count.

1. Clara pushing Lady in her baby stroller
2. Going to the library. Blankie, pearls, & Lady in tow.
3. The Halloween costume I bought her....that she hated.
4. Calvin offering to try it on in an effort to show Clara that Lady had not been skinned. FAIL. It is still hanging in her closet with the tags on it.

As her 2nd birthday approached I wanted to paint her a picture and it wasn't hard to decide on. I took the old book cover of Lady and the Tramp and painted it in some different colors and in a different setting.

And while she still totes her Lady everywhere and she is basically one large germ, she is now in love with Snow White.

Don't worry, Lady:

You're the sweetest and most cuddly dog ever. And you're not real, so I love you even more!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Glitter Party

I am 27 and I have always been a girly girl. Not all princess and designer handbag girly, but the kind of girly that made me fall in love with the sequin trend for this winter. Every time I saw a pair of sequin shoes, a dress, or accessories I would just stand and stare at it, wishing I had a reason to buy it.

One day I said screw it and bought the most glittery dress you've ever seen.

Then I bought the most glittery SHOES you've ever seen.

And I decided I must throw a party.

I started a Pinterest board with all the most beautiful inspiration and set up a Facebook Event telling all my girlfriends to watch for clearanced sequin items.

I was delighted to find out that everyone was just as excited as me!

I will take you on a tour of my decor (sadly taken the day after because I was in too much of a rush to take pictures before....and I am missing one piece of decor that was quite lovely, but my friend insisted she was taking it with her that night).

Glitter Party Decorations

Glitter Party Decorations

Kraft tablecloth and glitter branches for a centerpiece

 We had a nacho bar for the party, so I bought packs of tins for us to broil them in. They came with the shiny tops so you could use it for leftovers. I threw them on the table and voila!!
Chalkboard Greeting

Glitter Leaf Wreath made from wrapping paper, tissue paper, and gold leaves

Book page chandelier made from a hula hoop at the Dollar Tree

 This one took a couple hours to make and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. I think I expected it to be breathtaking and it didn't live up to my imagination. To add extra sparkle I mixed mod podge with glitter and painted it on the bottom pages. I then glued sequins on top.
Glitter Banner

 I made the "Glitter" banner using craft paper, mod podge and glitter mixture, and sewing thread. I hung up branches in various places and tied sparkly leaves from the Christmas clearance at Michael's. Everyone loved those little displays. I love it so much I think I'm going to keep it up.
Kraft Paper Photo Backdrop

I made this photo backdrop using 3 rolls of kraft paper from the Dollar it only cost me $3. I made the top have a seam so I could hang it on the curtain rod in my living room. It held up well and looked pretty in the pictures. I took pictures of the process, so I will have to make a tutorial later.

This was honestly the BEST girl party ever.

All of us late twenty year old girls had a blast! We danced to a Brittney Pandora station, drank wine and mixed drinks, played games (even Truth or Dare!), and took almost a hundred silly photos in front of the photo backdrop.

I think every girl should have a Glitter Party, no matter how old you are!