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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another Book Page Wreath

I just love these...

I saw a wonderful tip on Pinterest for hanging wreaths: use a 3M mountable hook.

OR, in my case, grab a pack of the cheaper version at the Dollar Tree (I think there are 9 mini hooks). I placed mine on TOP of the hutch instead of behind the doors because I wanted it centered.

I am going to be having a Glitter Party within the next month, so you can look forward to some fun party decor pictures and DIYs!

Colorful Desert Painting

My dear friend is moving to Arizona...

While I am so happy for her and her sweet little family, I am so sad to be 5 and a half hours away from her. We met in college thanks to her cousin and my dear friend Jamie. We've been there for each other as we've gotten married, had kids, made homes, and lost dear ones.

I told her that when she moved I would paint her a painting for her new house. I was shocked when she told me she wanted a desert painting. I imagined a boring, desolate desert and knew that there was no way I could paint that. My desert would have color, plants, be original, and idealistic.

And of course, after I was finished I wished I could keep it!

It's name is "Jackie's Desert" and it was painted in acrylic.

Till the next time we Skype, dear Jackie!!